Jindal Namibia, which operates under Jindal Africa, plans to operate an iron ore mine in the region of Khomas in Windhoek. Jindal Mauritius, recently acquired Environgeo Consulting which possesses EPL 4914 & 4013 for base metal and Iron. The company plans to explore these resources with the aim of developing a mine, in this profitable mining sector in the country.

With the support of Jindal Africa corporate office in South Africa, the company will provide environmental impact assessments services, finding suitable partners in Namibia so as to contribute to national development and to ensure that all the statutory mining sector requirements in the country have been adhered to.

The Richards Bay dry bulk terminal has facilities for the company to load carriers as large as Panamax sized vessels. The Colliery holds a dedicated workforce of over 800 employees, including contractors.

Namibia Explorations

Jindal Africa has been involved in the exploration activities of the unexplored region which represents about 30 000 hectares of Iron Ore occurrence. The company aims to ascertain iron ore reserves in the region with the purpose of applying for mining rights, thereafter begin with mining activities.

These mining activities will not only boost local employment but, economically benefit the region as well as the nation. Jindal Africa plans to establish an iron ore processing plant powered by a Botswana Power Plant, in the future. We believe this project will add great economic, social and infrastructural development to the country.