Growing together - Giving back to communities

Jindal Africa believes that no corporate activity should be without a comprehensive social responsibility programme to ensure that the foundations are laid for a great legacy.

Jindal Africa has a long-term view of Africa and endeavours to set an example for other corporate institutions looking to expand globally by the manner in which it contributes to the overall economic development of the continent.

Jindal Africa recognises that it needs to invest in its people, particularly the communities in which it operates.

The company is noted for living up to its commitment to ensure sustainable development in the areas where it operates by building long-term relations and partnerships with key stakeholders.

Central to its engagement strategy is a firm commitment to contributing to sustainable development through various CSR initiatives that demonstrate Jindal Africa’s commitment to investing in the social upliftment of the people in Africa.

Social responsibility is a central theme that drives Jindal Africa’s business operations.

This business philosophy demonstrates the company’s commitment to its vision and mission that aim to add value to the lives of communities and stakeholders touched by operations.

Jindal Africa’s philosophy is to build strong and long-term relations with community leaders that enable open and constructive dialogue designed to ensure mutual benefit.

The company aims to transcend philanthropic principles and develop long-term solutions with its stakeholders that will ensure the social and economic wellbeing of communities long after Jindal Africa’s participation.

Aside from deploying resources for community development by improving infrastructure and access to education, health, water, sanitation, Jindal Africa strives to grow the local economy through its sustainable development programmes.

The company’s main social responsibility efforts centre on education, health, enterprise development and social development.

Pillars of Sustainability

Pillars of Strength