Remembering our Founder, Shri OP Jindal

Aug 7, 2015

The 7th August 2015, a day of remembrance in honour of our Group Founder Shri OP Jindal.

Shri OP Jindal was a man from humble beginnings with a vision for industrialisation, change and building a better India.  Not only an astute businessman and leader but also a skilful politician representing the Haryana Assembly in Parliament.  Professional successes aside, our Honourable Founder understood the ties that bind humanity, that despite caste, colour and creed that there is oneness in humanity.  That through empowerment and social upliftment poverty could be eradicated.

In honour of this day South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana carried forward strides of change and donation promoting our Founder and the Jindal brand.

Mozambique teams visited a rural village “Cassocha Village” near to the mine operation.  The honorary ceremony programme included a graduation ceremony for the 32 students who had successfully completed a technical course, distribution of 500 uniforms & study materials to school children and a donation of 5 sewing machines to 5 women from various communities who successfully completed courses in garment making.

Across the border the South African team visited a rural school “Eastbank High School” located within a rural township in Johannesburg.  The team donated sanitary kits to over 70 girl scholars as well as donating canned food and clothing to the school. The Botswana team, together with village elders and the local chief, held a ceremony with a local village “Dovedale” near to the exploration site where they awarded the top 3 scholars from each grade as well as donated educational material to play school classes.

May we forever be humble and appreciative of our beginnings and continue to promote the legacy of which we are proud to be a part of.