Working with us

Employees form the major intellectual capital of Jindal Africa. Being an equal opportunity employer, Jindal Africa encourages leadership and innovation by training its workforce to keep them abreast of the latest industrial trends.

As the company looks to expand its business both at an international and domestic level, it aims to develop a skilled and cohesive workforce. The company provides an open and dynamic work environment to all its employees.

The management plays a crucial role in developing a cordial and rewarding relationship with its employees. Detailed on-the-job training is provided to employees in order to induct them to the working of the organisation. The company focuses on teamwork, innovation and the freedom to excel at all levels and rewards its employees with additional benefits. A performance-oriented work culture with scope of rapid growth is encouraged, making Jindal Africa an employee-friendly organisation.

The company’s human resource policy focuses on an inclusive growth rate of the organisation and the retention of the right calibre of people. Training programmes are conducted at various levels to continually enhance skills, with particular attention paid to operating in a safe manner so that no employee is put at risk.

Rotation of employees is also actively undertaken to create job satisfaction and increase interaction among employees. To keep the employees fresh and energetic, world-class recreational, medical and educational facilities are provided at plant locations.

Open house sessions are also arranged with the top management to increase direct dialogue and transparency.